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I am a screenwriter, casting director, producer, and filmmaker currently living in Charlotte, NC. I have written 10 feature screenplays to date, and several short films, each of which have been produced, done well in the festival circuit, or have received worldwide distribution.

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Having grown up in a filmmaking family, I've learned to excel in different facets of the industry from producing to directing, writing to acting. I currently run a full-service casting company called E Marcelle Casting and am the official casting director for the Telly Award winning TV show, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.

In between film work, my time is spent working on a memoir, drawing, playing music, and caring for my four children.

I am available to hire for your next writing project, directing, or casting need. Contact Me and let's get started.

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News & Updates

Official Trailer for Calm Before Released


Calm Before the movie has wrapped! We are currently in Post-Production!  

You can check out the Calm Before website here

Life in Reverse almost picture locked! 

Casting begins on the feature Just Grace, which I wrote with Karen Abercrombie 

Development starts for the new feature film All We Knew of Winter

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 projects & press 



Read the following press about this important film, shot entirely in Majuro, Marshall Islands:

Morning Comes So Soon - Variety Review

Morning Comes So Soon - Muse Review

Morning Comes So Soon - HollywoodHula Review



Other films currently in pre-pro or post include: "SACRED HEARTS"  "LIFE IN REVERSE"  "MAKING HIM FAMOUS"  "CALM BEFORE" "BROTHER'S KEEPER"  "JUST GRACE"  and  "BENNIE" 

Check back for more updates!



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"As a writer/director Ms. Marcelle had a strong command and creative vision yet was able to be adaptable depending on the challenges thrown at her.  She managed to assemble a great cast and this meant that things flowed very well on set.  Again, as a writer/director her understanding of the story meant clarity and focus were upmost.  She has a deep understanding of both comedy and drama from both a performance and a technical side which means we felt safe in her hands. It was a great pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her highly to any actors who were in the privileged position to work with her.  I can only imagine her work will grow and grow and that she is a name to watch."


Darwin Shaw



"Working with Tara Lynn Marcelle is a triple threat pleasure! She has an eye for Casting top notch Talent. She can collaborate synergistically on Producing a quality film project. AND she is an exceptional Writer! Tara has a keen sense of Character development. She has taken my “words” in creative meetings and brought life to my thoughts that I couldn’t have done myself. She gets in your head in a good way and helps create a World that carries you away in a Story you crave to know more about. I can’t wait to work with her again and again and recommend her to any Film project."

Vanessa Ore


"Tara is one of the most talented writers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. When given a vision for a screenplay she reaches deeper than you reach for yourself. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again.
Tara's grasp for writing and taking a story and making it mold into multiple stories is phenomenal. She is on the cusp of something big. I look forward to our next film project, so I can have her once again make something GREAT!!!
Tara is the NEXT BIG THING for Screenplay writing. She is on the cusp of something Huge. I am just glad I had the opportunity to work with her."

Trey Ore
Quiet No More Films


"Working with Tara has been amazing.  Even under stressful conditions she has been a true professional.   Tara is extremely well rounded not with just the writing but with overall film production.  She is a one stop shop and her willingness to listen and make the story yours, and not hers, is an incredible art." 

Cornelius Muller
Cornelius Muller Productions, LLC

"Tara Lynn Marcelle is a pleasure to work with and she is excellent at what she does. Tara is super creative, flexible, knowledgeable about the business, and a woman of integrity. I look forward to working on another project with her in the very near future."

Karen Abercrombie


"I get offered a lot of independent feature films, so I read a lot of scripts, some good, some not so good. Usually it takes me a few days to get through a script. But with Tara's script I read it in one sitting. I was extremely impressed and moved by Tara's writing. Even though I knew Tara was a talented writer, I was concerned at the outset regarding her ability, or any director for that matter, in making this movie [Life in Reverse]] work. She did an outstanding job. Within the first few days I totally trusted Tara. As did all the actors and the crew.  Tara did everything on this movie, including casting, and in my opinion, she ranks in the top 3 directors I've ever worked with. I cannot wait to see her career blow up. The best thing about Tara is that she has no ego, even though her ability and talent towers over most, she made everyone feel necessary and she was firm yet gentle in her approach and direction."  



William McNamara   


"One thing that was very "right" about this film [Life in Reverse] was the Direction of Tara Lynn Marcelle. Never did the problems behind the camera effect the quality or the vision Tara had for the film. I was very impressed with Tara's overview of where she wanted to take the film and her gravitas in bringing that view to fruition. Tara's calmness, nuance, and leadership on the set made working on the film a pleasure, and made the film one that I am proud of being a part of." 

Joe Estevez